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Exceeding Industry Standards

GPF is committed to quality and exceeding both global and regional industry standards. GPF has a full laboratory on site allowing our staff to fully and frequently test our ongoing production, ensuring optimum quality and resulting customer satisfaction. GPF’s HDPE geomembranes exceed the Best Practice Environmental Management (BPEM) for Victoria, a key benchmark for the Australasian environmental containment industry. GPF’s HDPE geomembranes also exceed the global industry standards set by the Geosynthetic Research Institute (GRI) Geomembrane related (GM) standards, GM13 (HDPE), as tested and certified by multiple international independent expert plastics and polymer laboratories including:
  • TRI Environmental, a leading independent, third party geosynthetics firm providing geosynthetics testing and research services to the international community through its offices in the United States, Australia and China; and
  • Excelplas, Australia’s leading independent plastics testing, polymer testing, geomembrane testing and rubber testing provider.


Physical Tests
  • Density
  • Thickness
  • Core Thickness
  • Asperity Height

Mechanical Tests
  •  Strength at Yield
    Strength at Break
    Elongation at Yield
    Elongation at Break
  • Tear Resistance
  • Puncture Resistance
  • Stress Crack Resistance/NCTL

Endurance Tests
  • Carbon Black Content
  • Carbon Black Dispersion
  • Oven aging
  • UV resistance